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HMS/GRD returns Europa to its roots and revisits the best selling Europa title Fire in the East. The new game covers the same time period as the older ones (summer of 1941 to the spring of 1942) but uses a completely new Soviet OB, a new map, and the latest rules for the Europa system. Buyer's who preorder Total War will also receive the Red Army from September, 1939 to March, 1942 in preparation for Grand Europa.

Total War gives the Axis player the opportunity to see if he can improve on the massive offensive that pocketed and captured millions of Soviet soldiers. Can you take Moscow or Leningrad? Or are you condemned to suffer the Soviet winter short of victory? The Soviet player must build a strategic reserve large enough to stop the advancing Axis forces and throw them out of Russia. The Soviet player is aided by massive reinforcements that allow him to form new defensive lines in an attempt to slow down or stop the Axis armor thrusts. Published counters will be the same high quality counters players expect from HMS/GRD.

Total War is a historical game on the German invasion of the Soviet Union, from summer 1941 to spring 1942. It charts the titanic struggle of the largest ground campaign in World War II, from the Axis offensives that brought the Germans to the gates of Moscow to the Soviet winter counteroffensive that hurled them back.

Total War is a two-player game. One side controls the forces of Germany and its allies while the other controls the forces of the Soviet Union. The maps cover Eastern Europe and the western USSR from the Arctic Ocean to the Black Sea, from the plains of Poland to the steppes along the Volga River. Ground units represent corps, divisions, brigades, regiments, and battalions. Air units represent groups of 40 to 120 aircraft. Naval units represent task forces of warships.

Total War is a complete remake and updating of the classic Europa game, Fire in the East. The game’s Soviet order of battle makes extensive use of formerly secret Kremlin information on the Red Army forces that fought the war. The game includes a Soviet order of battle for all of the USSR from 1939 to 1942 and is the more comprehensive game OB ever published on the Red Army in peace and war. The Axis order of battle also is updated, reflecting new research since the publication of Fire in the East. The rules for Total War incorporate the latest rules for the Europa system, with on-demand air power, armor effects, combined arms, and much more, recreating both the German blitzkrieg that captured entire Soviet armies and the Soviet deep operations that nearly splintered the invaders in the depth of the Russian winter.

Total War is now available for pre-publication orders for $140 plus shipping costs. The regular price once the game is available at the end of this year will be $175.

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